Mathematics and Physics Seminar Series
A Seminar Presentation
on Thursday
April 26, 2018
from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm in
North Hall 102
at The University of New Haven
Strategic Use of Technology in High School
Mathematics Classrooms
Natalie Valla
Abstract: This study examines how exemplary secondary mathematics
teachers integrate technology into their classroom instruction. Through in-
terviews, this research explores how teachers select appropriate technologies
and plan instructional applications that support teaching and learning math-
ematical concepts. Classroom observations provide an in-depth description
of teachers lessons, including how teachers and students use the technology.
Case studies, constructed from the data, are analyzed through the lenses of
teacher thinking, student engagement, and the mathematical concepts sup-
ported by the technology. This research opens a window into the thinking of
expert mathematics teachers. Like the technology these exemplary teachers
use, the study makes visible the complexities of teaching and provides a rich
description of instruction in technology-rich mathematics classrooms.
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