Mathematics and Physics Seminar Series
A Seminar Presentation
on Tuesday
February 6, 2018
from 3:00 pm - 3:45 pm in
Maxcy 203
at The University of New Haven
Models for Stationary Count Time Series
Yisu Jia
PhD Candidate
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University
Abstract: There has been growing interest in modeling stationary series that have
discrete marginal distributions. Count series arise when describing storm numbers, acci-
dents, wins by a sports team, disease cases, etc. Superpositioning methods have proven
useful in devising stationary count time series having Poisson and binomial marginal distri-
butions. Here, properties of this model class are established and the basic idea is developed.
Specifically, we show how to construct stationary series with binomial, Poisson, and negative
binomial marginal distributions; other marginal distributions are possible.
A second model for stationary count time series is then proposed. The model uses a la-
tent Gaussian sequence and a distributional transformation to build stationary series with the
desired marginal distribution. The autocovariance functions of the count series are derived
using a Hermite polynomial expansion. This model has proven to be quite flexible. It can
have virtually any marginal distribution, including generalized Poisson and Conway-Maxwell.
As an application, we also study trends in the presence/absence of snow cover (not depths)
in Napoleon, North Dakota from 1966-2015 via satellite data. Statistically, a two-state Markov
chain model with periodic dynamics is developed to describe snow cover presence and its
changes. The results indicate increasing snow coverage in Napoleon, North Dakota
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