Mathematics and Physics Seminar Series
A Seminar Presentation
on Thursday
November 30, 2017
at 3:00 pm in
North Hall 102
at The University of New Haven
An introduction to the Dynamics of Linear
Dr. Leonardo Pinheiro
Assistant Professor
Mathematics & Computer Science Department
Rhode Island College
Abstract: A commonly held belief in the general scientific commu-
nity is that the chaotic behavior of a dynamical system is intrinsically
and almost exclusively connected to the non-linearity of the laws gov-
erning it. Interestingly enough, many natural linear dynamical sys-
tems can exhibit chaotic behavior. The study of the dynamics of con-
tinuous linear operators acting on topological vector spaces is rela-
tively young but well-established and active area of research in the
intersection of operator theory, complex analysis, ergodic theory and
even partial differential equations. In this talk we will offer an introduc-
tion to the area and its main results.
The talk will be accessible to undergraduate students with knowledge
of basic linear algebra and calculus.
Fur ther Information
For further information, please contact Dr. Yasanthi Kottegoda at the Department of Math-
ematics and Physics, Office: Maxcy 315, 203-932-1206,