Mathematics and Physics Seminar Series
A Seminar Presentation
on Thursday
November 02, 2017
at 3:00 pm in
North Hall 102
at The University of New Haven
Translating the Use of Mathematics in
Criminal Justice Research
Dr. Danielle Cooper
Director of Research of Tow Youth Justice Institute & Assistant Professor
Department of Criminal Justice
University of New Haven
Abstract: What is your understanding of information shared to you
about crime and justice? What role does mathematics have in produc-
ing knowledge for professional and public audiences concerned about
public safety? As an interdisciplinary field, criminal justice builds from
the knowledge of fields such as sociology, psychology, economics,
and more. This seminar will cover the basic mathematics principles
used in criminal justice research designs and analytic plans. The
discussion will connect the applications in criminal justice within the
larger contexts of data measurement, collection, and interpretation.
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For further information, please contact Dr. Yasanthi Kottegoda at the Department of Math-
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