Teaching at UNH

  • Courses taught: Quantitative Reasoning, Business Calculus, Business Mathematics, CalculusI,II,III, Elementary Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Modern Algebra, Combinatorics
  • Thesis Advising: "Characteristics of Modulo One Sequences" (Angela Mastropietro : 2017-2018)

Undergradute Research

I have been conducting several directed studies on topics in Algebra, with several undergraduates from UNH (Please check CV for further details). The following are some of the research projects completed and currently done.

  • "Characteristics of Modulo one Sequences" with Angela Mastropietro and Shirley Duong (Fall 2016 - Fall 2017): Here we examined some characteristics of a special category of finite increasing sequences of positive integers namely, modulo one sequences, finding necessary and sufficient conditions for their existence. In addition to classification of such sequences based on its length, we also proved that there are modulo one sequences of arbitrary length. A paper on the findings was submitted and two presentations (including an oral presentation and a poster) were given by Angela at two regional conferences namely, MAA Northeastern sectional meeting and Spuyten Duyvil undergraduate mathematics conference in Fall 17 and Spring 18 respectively.
  • "Characteristic polynomials over Symmetric matrices over Finite Fields" with Samantha Alaimo (Fall 2018 -ongoing)