Reseach Interests

My main research area of interest is on Finite Fields and their applications with focus on quadratic forms over finite fields. Iím also interested in furthering my research in the area of Algebraic coding theory and Cryptography. After involving in full time teaching at University of New Haven since Fall 2014, my research interests were broadened towards math education. This gave me an opportunity to self reflect on my day to day teaching activities, analyze studentsí thought process and examine various techniques of improving teaching styles to provide a better learning experience to students. I was involved in several research projects on implementation of active learning techniques in teaching Mathematics as well as improving instructional practices in Physics. Moving beyond the classroom at university level, Iím currently working with one of my colleagues on analyzing middle school female studentsí study behavior and attitudes towards Mathematics. This research idea appeared through the experiences gained after conducting 4 successful summer math academies for middle school girls at our institution. Please see CV for my publications and other research activities.

Operations of Finite Field of 4 elements (F4) graphically from MATHEMATICA