Instructions for Exam

  1. Sit in every other seat if possible.
  2. Keep all backpacks, purses and other personal possessions off your desk.
  3. No bathroom breaks.
    Visit the bathrooms before the test begins.
  4. Calculators are not allowed.
  5. The exam is closed book and notes.
    No supplementary materials are allowed.
  6. No electronic devices are allowed.
    Put away all cell phones, tablets, google glasses, smart watches, mp3 players, headphones, etc.
  7. The exam ends at 5:00pm.
    Make certain that you have put the word BONUS next to each bonus problem.
    Draw a line between each problem.
    Number each problem on the right only.
    Number the pages, 1/N, 2/N, ... N/N on the bottom of each page.
    Initial each page.
    Print your name at the box at the top.

  8. You can leave when the exam is over, unless you are taking a Mastery Test at 5:00pm.
    Good luck.