Exam Instruction Form

Please select the test taking instruction options you will impose on the students taking the exam:

 Condition 1   Sit in every other seat if possible.
 Condition 2   Keep all backpacks, purses and other personal possessions off your desk.
 Condition 3   No bathroom breaks - visit the bathroom before the test begins.
 Condition 4   No calculators are allowed.
 Condition 5   Department approved calculators are allowed.
 Condition 6   The exam is closed book and notes, i.e., no supplementary materials are allowed.
 Condition 7   The exam is closed book.
 Condition 8   The exam is closed notes.
 Condition 9   You may use an approved cheat sheet.
 Condition 10   Remove cap/visor.
 Condition 11   No electronic devices are allowed:
          Put away all cell phones, tablets, google glasses, smart watches, mp3 players, headphones, etc.
 Condition 12   Add any additional text below:

Then press Process to generate the Exam Instructions: