1. A student may request to challenge a course during the offered times, typically the first
week and last week of a semester. The courses that may be challenged are Math 1103,
1108, 1110 and 1115.
a. A student enrolled in the class they wish to challenge may only challenge during
the first period of challenge exams (early in the semester) and not in the second.
If they wish to challenge later, they must wait until the next semester begins.
This is due to the short add/drop period.
2. A student taking the Challenge Exam is provided short-term access to an online training
course to prepare them for the exam. A score of 70% or higher is considered passing.
3. A student may only take the same Challenge Exam once per semester. However if a
student passes the challenge with a 70% or higher on the first attempt, they may
attempt to challenge the next course in the sequence. For example, if a student
successfully challenges Math 1103 with a 71%, they can choose to challenge Math 1108
in that same semester.
4. Overall a student is only allowed two penguin Challenge Exams per course.
5. A successful result on a Challenge Exam cannot be used for course credit. You may only
use a Challenge Exam result as a substitute for a prerequisite.
6. All Challenge Exams are administered by and must be taken in the Math Zone (Room
NTCH 106).
7. If an appointment for a challenge exam is missed, it will count as a forfeited attempt.
8. Only a TI 30x ii s scientific calculator may be used. There are some available for loan in
the Math Zone.