As part of my duties at the University of New Haven I teach and advise undergraduate students. Students in my current courses can find everything they need by going to Blackboard. Please contact me directly if you would like additional information about my teaching.

Research With Undergraduate Students

I have been advising undergraduate students on research projects since joining the University of New Haven in 2014. If you have an interest in math, feel free to contact me about a potential research project. The following is a list of undergraduate research collaborators:

  • Nathan Waskiewicz (2018-Present)
    We are exploring the rainbow number of the linear equation x+y=4z over the ring of integers modulo p.
  • Alec Shackett and Andrew Svitlik (2017-2018)
    We looked at the Frobenius Problem. We explored an upper and lower bound for the Frobenius number. Here is a poster on our work.
  • Cassandra Pray (2015-2017)
    We looked at the covering number of various rings. Cassandra and I computed the minimal number of proper subrings needed to cover a ring as a union. We published a paper in the Minnesota Undergraduate Journal of Mathematics.
  • The UNH Math & Physics Club

    The UNH Mathematics and Physics Department sponsors the UNH Math & Phyiscs Club. The club is an informal group for any UNH undergraduates who are interested in math and physics. This includes math majors as well as students who major in engineering, computer science, forensic scciences, etc. All are welcome!

    The club meets roughly on a bi-weekly basis. For more details, please check the club's page.